Who’s the Mancophile?

Well, funny you should ask.Digital Micah Yongo Graphic Novel Profile

In no particular order. I am a…

Writer. Reader. Thinker. Learner. Mancunian. Nigerian. Christian. Englishman. Chocaholic. Cinephile.  Traveller. Logophile. Afrofuturist. Guitarist. Aesthete. Heliophile.  Wikipediac. Urbanite. Autodidact. Philomath. Autotelic. Sportist,  and… Lefty, in both the political (more or less) & literal sense.

So that explains that.

I am also an author and freelance videographer/photographer, and the creator of this here blog, where I basically spout off about stuff I like – books, movies, the arts, boxsets, all things sci-fi, superheroes; random nerdy bits of pop psychology, anthropology or philosophy; and of course my beloved home city of Manchester, England – hence the name of this humble online abode.







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