Pale Kings

From assassin’s tale to labyrinthine world

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The Godfather II. The Empire Strikes Back. Everyone loves a good sequel. Which is part of why I was so excited to return to the world of The Five Land Sovereignty to deliver Pale Kings – the follow up to my debut novel. But be warned; in this one, the gloves are off. Gods, runes, mythologies, and supernatural warfare all weave together into a fantastical journey of becoming, betrayal and power… Here’s what others are saying about it so far…

“A towering epic… a labyrinthine world of intrigue and old secrets.”

– The Fantasy Hive. Full review here.

“Yongo’s ringing follow-up to 2018’s Lost Gods… Yongo is building an increasingly strong fantasy story in which tiny details assemble into fascinating mysteries.”

– Publisher’s Weekly. Full review here.

“A richly imagined adventure inspired by African folklore and mythology.”

Barnes and Noble.

I talk more about the journey behind writing it here. But if you’d like to sample the book itself, click right… here.

Pale Kings Synopsis

The Sovereignty has been at peace for three centuries, but now the war to end all wars has finally come. The border cities of the Reach are destroyed, others are falling rapidly, and a nameless force lays waste in the north. When Neythan and his friends are led to the Summerlands in search of answers, he is unexpectedly confronted with secrets from his forgotten childhood, long buried beneath past trauma, and linked to the ancient scroll he has always carried. As the mysterious invasion continues, and the supernatural forces responsible are revealed, Neythan must learn the truth that lies in his blood… before it is too late.


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