Lost Gods

From family folklore to published novel

Angry Robot


So… I guess I wrote a novel.
Which, I’m happy to say, was nominated for a British Fantasy Award after being picked up by the very good folks over at award-winning imprint, Angry Robot. It’s available for purchase now.

I share more on the influences, inspirations and journey behind writing the novel in an article for Fantasy Faction, which you can find here.
In short; the novel is called Lost Gods, and is an ancient Africa-inspired fantasy thriller that tells the story of Neythan, one of five adolescents trained and raised together by a brotherhood of assassins since childhood. Here’s what others are saying about it so far…

“Yongo invigorates the epic fantasy genre with his original and accomplished voice in the striking and thoroughly enjoyable Lost Gods.”
– Adrian Tchaikovsky, Arthur C Clarke Award-winning author of Children of Time.
“Gorgeous, classic epic fantasy… Fast-paced and intriguing… with an African inspired setting that makes a refreshing change.”

– Anna Smith Spark, David Gemmell Award-nominated author of The Court of Broken Knives.
“Lost Gods is a fully immersive experience which made me a fan again. It made me seriously take my time, soak in its prose, get lost in this fully realized, rich and vital world, and get whisked along in its adventure. Micah Yongo pays respect to his elders, like Charles Saunders, while defining a space for himself in the pantheon of great sword & sorcery (sword & soul!). He is a griot, a true storyteller, coming into his own.”
– Maurice Broaddus, author of the Knights of Breton Court trilogy and The Usual Suspects.
“Lost Gods is fresh, fierce, and lush with inspiration from the lands and mythology of ancient Africa and the Middle East.”
– Cameron Johnston, author of The Traitor God.
“Lost Gods is a tense, complex fantasy thriller that keeps the reader guessing until the very end.”
— Mike Brooks, author of the Keiko Series.

If, however, you’d like to get a taste for the novel itself, the first chapter – along with a press release revealing the (pretty amazing) cover art (by Larry Rostant) – is available to read on the Barnes and Noble science fiction and fantasy blog right… here.
If you still want a little more because… well… why not? Below is a brief synopsis of the book.


A teenage assassin is betrayed by his brotherhood and plunged into supernatural conspiracies in this dark and innovative fantasy thriller. Neythan is one of five adolescents trained and raised together by a mysterious brotherhood of assassins known as the Shedaim. When Neythan is framed for the murder of his friend, he pursues his betrayer, and in so doing learns there’s far more to the Brotherhood, and the world, than he’d ever thought possible.


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