Why Comic Books Are the Future

So… comic books. An oft maligned artform. Juvenile to some. Geekish to others. Often regarded as the crass and tacky little brother to more ‘serious’ formats for storytelling – films, novels, theatre etc.

And so how happy was I to stumble upon the quirky, fun and yet (impressively) illuminating YouTube channel, Comic Book Girl 19, and, to be more specific, its Epic History of X-Men documentary? Which is just, well, pretty damn epic.

Comprehensive, informative, and with some neat cultural commentary to boot, the doc breaks down the history and genesis of Marvel comics en route to laying out the storylines of every notable X-Men character in the franchise’s lengthy and convoluted canon. It’s basically your chance to get caught up on over half a century’s worth of narrative in the space of an hour. Which, for a guy like me, who’s superhero fandom has been confined largely to movies and the Saturday morning cartoons I can remember watching as a kid, is a pretty special treat.

So, being the generous-spirited sort I am, I thought it would be remiss not to pass on the goodness. So for the superhero/comic book lovers among you, behold the addictive and edifying pleasure that is the Epic History of X-Men (volumes 1 & 2) and discover why comics are not just the source material of choice for today’s most lucrative movie blockbusters, but will likely remain so for the foreseeable future. Enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Why Comic Books Are the Future”

    1. You will absolutely love it, Nancy. I came across it totally by accident but there are so many cool videos to mine through. And they’re pretty addictive too, a perfect mix of fun and informative (and thanks for the link to your blog! Will be checking that out).


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