The Durban Book Launch

Well… where to begin. There are all kinds of words I could use to try to describe the experience that was the Durban Book Launch of Lost Gods, and absolutely all of them will sound hyperbolic to anyone who wasn’t there – transcendent, incredible, life-affirming – that kinda thing. But it’s all true. It was an indescribable pleasure and privilege to encounter the eclectic, creative, intelligent, diverse mix of people who attended. Readers, artists, creatives, academics, students, parents etc…


The energy and vibe of the whole night was simply amazing from start to finish – from being interviewed by fellow writer Drew Land, to the incredible music performances (some amazing artists, you need to check out Freddy L and Zama Zwane, see the video above for a taste), to the Q & A session, to the reading, to the BBQ and drinks that followed afterwards.

Durban, South Africa is just an astounding and magical place. So a huge thank you to all who were involved in making it happen, and all who were able to be there.

Below – a few images from the night for those who weren’t able to make it… well, okay, more than a few. But they’re all good…




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