Cover Reveal for Lost Gods

I’ll confess every step of this journey toward the publication of Lost Gods, my debut novel, has been pretty surreal – from signing with my agent, to getting a publishing deal with award winning imprint, Angry Robot. And today is no exception. Barnes and Noble – as in, the world’s biggest bookstore – just went ahead and featured the reveal of the cover design for my book, along with showcasing the first chapter.

So… Stoked, pumped, hyped, ecstatic – I’m not sure I can think of too many adjectives that’ll really do justice to how I’m feeling right now. To think this story that has been a personal (and fairly private) passion project for me, will now be taking its first steps towards being ‘out there’, and that people will actually get to read it… Well. I mean, stuff just got real.

I guess it’s only right you guys get to sample it first. So, if you’d like to read the article/press release – and the opening chapter of the novel itself – just click right… here.



5 thoughts on “Cover Reveal for Lost Gods”

  1. The cover art and your first chapter are in perfect synergy with each other.. Eye-catching and heart-gripping respectively. Well flippin’ done, Micah. I so look forward to reading more of Neythan’s story. Bring on release day!

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