‘Music is For People’: An Interview With UK Soul Singer, Samm Henshaw

So you may recall that I’d mentioned interviewing Samm Henshaw a while back for The Nubian Times, which, on a personal level, was a very fun experience. I mean, the guy’s arguably the most talented soul artist to emerge from these shores in the last two decades.

Not only that, he was a seriously fascinating guy to talk to.

And so I’d planned, at the time, to share the video of our conversation here, once it had been uploaded to the paper’s YouTube channel.

But, as you may or may not have noticed, this never happened.

Due to technical issues I won’t even attempt to get into, the quality of the recording ended up so corrupted the paper couldn’t use it. Hence, I never shared the video with you.

Yeah, I know… Sorry.

But today – after unexpectedly coming across the remnants of the footage on my laptop – I’m making amends.

Yes, it’s grainy, it’s pixelated, and not to the standard of any respectable media publication. But the stuff Henshaw had to say about his journey into music and his songwriting was, to me, so interesting and cool I decided to edit up the recording and share it with you anyway, corrupted-resolution-warts and all. So, for your viewing pleasure…

Oh, and if you want to check out the man’s music – and you really should – you can do so by clicking right… here.


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