“Music is for people”: The Wisdom of Samm Henshaw

Micah Yongo Samm HenshawSo I had the recent pleasure of sitting down with upcoming UK soul artist Samm Henshaw to interview him for Manchester-based newspaper, The Nubian Times.

Samm, recently signed by Columbia Records, is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, keyboard player… basically he’s a ridiculously talented artist and, pleasantly, incredibly humble too. You can check out some of his music below.

The full recorded interview, along with a vlog of his live performance at one of Manchester’s most intimate venue’s, The Deaf Institute, will be uploaded on The Nubian Times YouTube channel and website in due time, along with my review, and I’ll be sure to share it here too when it is, but in the meantime I thought I’d give a little taster of the conversation via my favourite quote from the interview.

Music is for people

Short and sweet, I know. I won’t elaborate further right now but I thought what Henshaw had to say about the communal aspect of experiencing music was fascinating and insightful. And, also, was perfectly reflected in his live performance later that night.

More on that coming soon…


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