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So it’s true, I love to create. A not-so-secret thing is that I also love to see others flourish in their creative talents too. Which is why, alongside delivering occasional talks and workshops, I also work one-to-one with creatives and solopreneurs, to enable them to access their talents more fully, work through technical/personal challenges, or build toward their long-term aims.

Whether writers, content creators, musicians, designers, or business builders, I’ve found the stirring of the creative instinct to be a sure-fire way to spark the impact many are seeking, and often know they are capable of, but need support to achieve.

That said, I’ll be honest, I’ve a thing for delivering quality over quantity (and a thing for downtime too), which is why I limit the number of people I coach.

But those I do work with learn to recognise and nurture their creative triggers, internally align with their work, develop lasting strategies, and build habits to accelerate their growth and output.

So, if that sounds good to you, you may as well peek in on a few tantalising headlines about how this works…

Accelerator sessions

You are your instrument. These 1-hour sessions are designed to help realign that instrument with your creative practice, and offer support and guidance to accelerate your art.

  • Strategies to identify your creative blockers and get unstuck
  • Support to guide your wellbeing and realign with your work
  • Practices to help you accelerate your process and create with ease

Vision support

To sustain creativity can be a challenging process. This 3-session bundle will help to define your aims, and grow the elements you need for creative stamina.

  • A guided purpose assessment to help you hone in on your biggest goals
  • Person-centred support to help you grow through challenges and develop your craft
  • Bespoke habit strategies designed to sustain your progress and complete long term aims

Micah Yongo
writer, author, coach

Through over 15 years of working in creative industries — ranging from fiction writing, to marketing, media, filmmaking, photography, and content design — Micah has managed to gather keen insights into the creative process, and how to support others to harness their talents.

Also an accredited habit coach, Micah has lectured on technique and productivity for college creative writers and masters students, and now equips purpose-driven professionals with the support and tools that they need to consistently thrive in their work.

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