The Shutdown

The Shutdown

So this was without question the most physically taxing shoot to date. What had originally been planned as a 30-minute studio session with 7 of Manchester’s most talented MCs extended into an hour-long set.

By the end my shoulders and back were on fire from holding up the weight of my shoulder rig to film it all, but… it was worth it. The energy and creativity in the room was incredible and, in the end, yielded something very special – i.e. a one hour cipher of the highest quality. But don’t take my word for it, check it out below.

We filmed at vocal box studios in Stockport, which, once we managed to find the place, I kinda liked. The studio wasn’t the most polished, but something about the make-do dinginess really lended itself to the overall feel and vibe of what we were trying to create, both musically and visually.

But I think the biggest take away for me, other than the aching shoulders and back, was it confirmed for me just how significant a factor lighting can be. Although I have various forms of lighting available during shoots I’ve been wanting for a while to invest in some quality continuous lighting, preferably a soft box, or two.

After using one during this shoot it’s fair to say that priority has hopped a couple of places up my shopping list, so… watch this space.