New Levels, New Toys

New Levels, New Toys

Had a lot of fun the last couple of weeks shooting promos for the third in Mic Check‘s series of quarterly live music events. Mostly because it allowed me the opportunity to start playing around with some of the features from two recently acquired new toys – a Zhiyun Crane 3-axis gimbal stabilizer, and a Sony A6300. Both of which I will not hesitate to announce are game changers for me.


I’ll be honest, I resisted the enthusiasm around mirrorless cameras for the longest time for all sorts of reasons. I mean, sure, they’re compact, lightweight, perhaps a little more easily maneuverable. But could they offer the same texture and depth of field I get from my DSLR? Wouldn’t their functionality be limited? Wouldn’t they be less durable and robust? And then there’s the horror stories about overheating and shallow battery life.

All of which precipitated my typical response whenever faced with this kind of dilemma – a maniacally obsessive level of research and self-directed learning. Which, eventually, led to me taking the plunge and purchasing a Sony A6300 mirrorless camera last month.

If you’re into your videography you’ll probably already know the salients – it’s small, lightweight, captures impressively well rendered 4K video. Comes with an Alladin’s cave worth of features when it comes to adjusting picture profiles. In short, although it has its cons (the overheating and battery issues are real) together with the newly purchased stabilizer it’s taken my film-making options to another level.

The promos below represent my first outings with the new equipment.

I’ll be honest, this second one (below) is my favourite. Probably because it involved me and Dru (dude in the video) almost choking to death on the smoke bomb I decided I wanted to use for the shoot, whilst managing not to let it show.

As you can see from the content above, although I’ve still got tons to learn when it comes to understanding the camera’s deep functionality, the image resolution, not to mention the ability to shoot at a 100fps for ultra smooth slow motion, is a noticeable upgrade on my trusty Nikon D5300 DSLR.

Although stills are a different matter (the Nikon is still streaks ahead when it comes to taking photos), the video on the Sony is, well, beautiful. Which means I’m likely to take both the mirrorless and DSLR on most shoots from now on.

But anyway, back to Mic Check. The night was incredible. If you wanna read more on that you can check out my write up of the event on the Mic Check MCR website by clicking right… here.