Mic Check MCR II

Mic Check MCR II

I’ll be honest, filming at Manchester’s newest grime and hip hop night, Mic Check, was a lot of fun, but a ton of work too, especially the video editing. Still, it’s been more than worth it to have the chance to be part of a great team and help to support what seems to be the revitalisation of the genre in this city.

Since the mid to late 2000s, when artists like Shifty, Liquid, Wrigley and others were pushing the art in this city forward, there’s been a slight lag in the scene’s progress that has only recently shown signs of abating, largely through the successes of Bugzy Malone and Geko.

I guess Mic Check is about trying to provide a platform to support them.

To see what I and others were able to capture from the second live event, check out the MicCheckMCR YouTube channel.

In the meantime, I thought I’d share a little taster in the form of a cipher I filmed on the night. I used a 50mm prime lens with a wide aperture setting (F1.8) and a fairly dense ND filter to avoid over-exposure. I had my camera hooked up to a Zoom H1 with the levels turned low to control peaking (and to take the edge of the infamously bad DSLR pre-amps). It was hard to stay in focus with the angle I was filming from (i.e. the camera, on a rig, angled up from the ground) but you can probably tell I had a bit of fun editing it. Take a look.